Advanced Dental Technology – Houma, LA

Modern Dentistry Meets More Effective Treatments

Technology is all around us, and it is constantly changing. This realization isn’t just obvious when it comes to cell phones, computers, and smart TVs, but it is also taking over the world of dentistry. While many dentists still rely on traditional methods, Dr. Walker believes in greater efficiency, accuracy, and precision. He can accomplish more and ensure greater patient comfort using advanced dental technologies. Check out the various pieces of equipment we use in-house to make our patients’ visits more enjoyable.

Committed to State-of-the-Art & Comfortable Dental Experiences

  • See What the Dentist Sees
  • Enhanced Imaging for Accurate Treatment Planning
  • Clearer 3D Models for Greater Precision

Intraoral Cameras

If you’ve ever wondered what it is your dentist sees when looking inside your mouth, you can see for yourself with the help of intraoral cameras. These camera-tipped, handheld devices scan your teeth and gums to reveal images in real-time. On a nearby computer screen, you can easily view the scans and learn more about your oral health as well as why certain treatments are necessary.

All-Digital X-Rays

Traditional radiographs took time to develop, involved harsh chemicals, and emitted high levels of radiation. Nowadays, Dr. Walker is turning to all-digital X-rays for a safer, clearer solution. Not only do these radiographs prove to be much safer than previous ones, but they deliver higher quality images, making it easier to diagnose problems early on and store imaging for greater ease of access in the future.

3D Cone Beam Imaging

While digital X-rays are extraordinarily helpful, some procedures require more advanced imaging. This is where our 3D Cone Beam Scanner comes in. With a rotating arm that moves a full 360 degrees around your head, it captures hundreds of pictures of your oral and facial structures. Pinpointing your teeth, gums, bones, tissues, nerves, and blood vessels, this device formulates a 3D model based on the scans received. Our team can then better prepare for more complex procedures such as dental implant placement and/or root canal therapy.